There are many bad credit loan options in Los Angeles. If your credit score is under 620, we have found that lenders will not offer unsecured personal loans over $5000 so keep the request below this amount. Here is a list of options for your review

Credit Score Management

You can pull your credit score once a year for free. Go through your credit report carefully and make sure that all of the information is correct. Here is a link to your free annual credit report.

Credit Score Errors

If you have errors on this report and need some help with repairing the problem, there is help from companies like Lexington Law.  They will help you challenge the errors on your credit report. You can also file a dispute yourself. Here is the contact link information to the Federal Government site.

Don't Apply Everywhere

If you have submitted a loan application to many companies, the credit bureaus may or may not see your attempts. It will depend on whether it was a hard pull (inquiry) or a soft pull (inquiry).

Hard Inquiry

A hard inquiry means that the lender has gone into your credit file and researched your history. This inquiry is visible to every lender for up to 2 years. Transunion says "it's a good idea to limit the number of hard inquiries you make. A typical hard inquiry could knock up to five points off a credit score."

Soft Inquiry

A soft inquiry is a lender looking at your current credit score. Lenders see that someone has a 780 credit score and may not even require a hard pull. If the lender sees a 300 to 650 credit score, they will want to see how that happened and ask you for a hard pull. If you check your own credit score, it is considered a soft inquiry. If you are applying to rent an apartment or looking for a job, they may do a soft pull to see how you manage your credit.

How Long Will These inquires Stay On My Credit Report?

Hard and soft inquiries are displayed on your credit report for up to 2 years.

Find Out if the lender Is completing A Hard Pull

Before you apply for any loan, make sure the lender is only completing a soft pull or soft inquiry to start the process. You need to give the lender permission to complete a hard pull/inquiry.

Batching Loan Applications

The credit bureaus see us searching for a mortgage, auto loans, and personal loan interest rate shopping over a 45 day period as  "smart consumer shopping" All of the applications will be treated as one pull. In some cases, it will not show on your credit report for the first 30 days. This reporting time will vary from 2 weeks to 45 days. This will apply to mortgages, auto loans, and personal loans.

Credit Union Locations in Los Angeles

Bank Locations in Los Angeles

Bad Credit Loan Locations in Los Angeles


Payday Loan Consumer information from the Government of California

If you're interested in learning about the rules and laws on usury in California, we have provided you with some links below in the reference section. If you plan on challenging your lender or requiring some direction, many attorneys specialize in this field. 

Filing a Complaint with the DBO in California 

The Department of Business Oversight (DBO) encourages financial services, consumers to submit complaints if they believe a DBO licensee has violated state law or acted improperly, or if they believe a company or person is conducting an unlicensed activity that falls within the DBO's jurisdiction.

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