America loan Service provides two online companies that provide $100,000 unsecured personal loans:



Will Applying Affect My Credit Score?

These online providers complete a soft pull when you apply and it will not harm your credit score. If you are offered the loan and you accept, the lender will complete a hard pull of your credit history after you have approved the process,

Completing the Online Application

The lender will require the following information when you apply online:

  • Your address
  • If you own or rent your home
  • Employment status
  • An estimate of your credit score. An example of this is 700 is (Good) and 750 is (Excellent)
  • You will be asked to provide your social security number
  • An email address to send the results of the loan 

If you are approved for the loan, they will require your banking information to deposit the money into your account. They will ask you for the length of the loan you are interested in. SoFi offers a term up to 84 months and Credible up to 144 months.

Just Landed Your First Job After Graduating

If you have just graduated and secured a new job, this can be a great way to consolidate debt with one manageable payment.

Secured Home Loan

If you've tried to get the loan unsecured and were not successful, you may want to try a secured loan using your home. Here is a company that makes it a quick and easy process.


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