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Lesley Has An Experian Score Of 465, And Gets $15000 From Central Savings And Loan Association

Lesley had a 465 credit score and was looking for a $15,000 bad credit loan. He was looking for loan options when his bank would not consider his application for a personal loan. Lesley had missed payments on his credit cards and one of the credit cards had gone to collections, this really damaged his credit score. America Loan Service provided options for getting a loan with bad credit like a secured loan using your home or auto. All lenders will require a completed debt to income ratio when you apply for a secured loan against your home or property. Refinance your home by applying for a new mortgage and adding additional capital to the mortgage. Another option is applying with your spouse or requesting a family member to co-sign the loan on your behalf. If you require a bad credit loan for under $5,000, we have provided a few loan providers. All of this information is broken out below for your review.  

Bad Credit Loan Providers

Debt to Income Ratio

Debt to income looks at the amount you make every month and the amount you spend. They call this a debt to income ratio and we have inserted a debt to income calculator below to see if you are below 50%. Many lenders will not even look at a loan application with bad credit while others will look at your equity and maybe request a larger lien on the property.  

Home Equity Loans

When a lender looks at your home for a home equity loan, they are looking at placing a second mortgage on your home.  When you have good credit and the bank looks to provide a home equity loan, they will finance the property up to 80-90% of the loan to value. The loan to value is the difference between the size of the mortgage and what you will get if you sold the property. With bad credit, the loan to value may drop to 60 to 70%. 

Auto Refinance

We have included a provider that works with over 1,000 mortgage providers and we believe will give you the best chance of finding a bad credit loan. you can also apply for a personal loan but with a 495 credit score, you will not be approved for more than $1,000 and the rates will be very high.

Cash - Out Refinance or Mortgage Refinancing

Cash-out refinancing is paying off your existing mortgage with a new mortgage then adding cash to the new mortgage. You can also describe this as refinancing your home. Contact a mortgage provider and apply for cash-out refinancing. When you have bad credit this can be very difficult to accomplish without a co-signer. The interest rate may increase drastically and may not be worth doing until your credit score improves. Here are a few steps that you need to check into before taking this step.

  1. Look at your existing mortgage and see if there any penalties for paying off the mortgage early. These fees can be very high and you need to calculate this first 
  2. You would go to a new mortgage provider and negotiate a new mortgage to pay off the mortgage that you have now.
  3. You would add the additional capital you require to the new mortgage your applying for.
  4. You will need to explain why your credit score and if you are paying off debt with the new loan amount. If the money is for debt consolidation, the mortgage provider will complete the debt to income ratio with the debt you're paying off removed from your debt to income ratio.   

Lesley made an attempt to obtain a personal loan for $47,000.00 last year but was declined

Principle of LoanLength of Term (Years)Interest Rate (APR)Monthly Installment PaymentLending Institution
$46700.00 9 7.2% $588.79 Continental Bank
$46590.00 7 10.3% $780.69 Peoples Bank of Nanticoke
$46770.00 5 8.4% $957.31 Community Bank and Trust Company
$46640.00 6 5.4% $759.82 Farmers and Merchants Bank of Cherry Tree, Pa.

Lesley has a secured loan from years ago of $32,000 from Mellon Bank (Central) National Association 

Starting Interest Rate (APR)Remaining principleLender nameLender cityLender StateLoan Obtained
5.8% APR $30142.36 outstanding The People's Bank of Oxford Oxford Pennsylvania
8.6% APR $27436.16 outstanding First Lehigh Bank Walnutport Pennsylvania
8.1% APR $19476.48 outstanding SunBank Selinsgrove Pennsylvania

Lesley acquired this secured loan from Central Savings and Loan Association, an institution of lending from Pennsylvania

  • Central Savings and Loan Association
  • Street Address: 325 Locust Street
  • Branch city: Columbia
  • Branch state: Pennsylvania
  • Branch zip code: 17512
  • Branch County: Lancaster

Lesley has a Equifax score of 465. This is a bad credit rating

Fico Score: 465

With the Transunion scale, Lesley has a bad credit score of 453. This rating alters how banks will view them, and thus, the interest rate of their loan

Transunion Score: 453

Lesley had an Experian rating of 483, considered to be a bad credit score. Such bad credit ratings will hugely impact outcomes.

Experian Score: 483

comment from Lesley after visiting Central Savings and Loan Association at 325 Locust Street: It was very difficult to get this loan. The final interest rate of 7.10% and the amount of $15000 was approved. We applied for a home equity loan and both signed for the loan. it was expensive for us to do with all of the fees we had to pay. If we were not stuck, I would not have accepted this loan.
Request For Loan From Lesley

Hi my name is Lesley from Columbia, Pennsylvania. I am originally from around Lancaster County, but I have since moved to Columbia to take up a job as a preschool administrator. I need a $15000 secured loan with an APR of as low as possible. My Trustco Bank Hometown Secured Card is maxed out at $15,000, and a secured loan would help us get back on track. 

Client Data: Lesley
  • County: Lancaster
  • Home State: Pennsylvania
  • Current zip code: 17520
  • Current income: undisclosed
  • Profession: preschool administrator
  • Credit Card Debt: $2000 on their Trustco Bank Hometown Secured Card

Lesley looked at Debt Relief 

Lesley started his search talking to debt relief providers and realized that they could use the equity in their home to get a loan.  

Debt Consolidation With 34.95% Interest

Lesley is 39 years old and resides in Columbia, Pennsylvania. Lesley is searching for a debt consolidation loan to pay off his credit cards over a 60 month period. With a 465 credit score, the interest rates were higher for the debt consolidation loan than they were on the credit card. 

While the articles highlighted are accurate, the names and some cities have been changed to protect our readers. We would appreciate your comments on our work. Please do not give America Loan Service your last name and try to keep the information in your comments quite nonspecific. It is the overall subject that others relate to and they appreciate your comments. When you send your comments, it will be reviewed within 24 hours and you will be notified if they are used.

Past Applications

Application from: Linda S**

City: Plymouth
State: Pennsylvania
Credit Rating (FICO): 483
Profession: Profession not given
Amount Requested: $2000.00
Age: 34
Current Debt: n/a
Yearly Income: 30000.00
Zip Code: 18651


just need a little help.....

Hi Linda,

We sent you an email with a few choice lenders that may be able to help you. With your Fico score at 483, we are limited on the lenders we can recommend. Here's a handy table to help you to figure out what type of credit you have: Excellent Credit Scores: Over 750 Good Credit Scores: 700 to 749 Fair Credit Scores: 650 to 699 Poor Credit Scores: 600 to 649 Bad Credit Scores: Less than 600 America Loan Service is not a lender and we do not make lending decisions. We hope the providers that we sent you can help with your request of $2,000.00 for a personal loan. Our one lenders offers a $35,000.00 limit and may help you up to that amount. You can see our page at personal loans and apply there. You may also want to check out our bad credit page. They offer a $5,000.00 lending limit.

Good luck

America Loan Team

Reply to: Linda S**

Application from: LAURIE KUHL

State: OK
Credit Rating (FICO): 465
Amount Requested: $11500
Age: Age not given
Current Debt: 0
Yearly Income: 36000
Zip Code: 73566


Hi Laurie,

We would recommend that you read this article on our site

With your credit score at 465, we do not know of a lender that would help you and even if we did, we would not tell you who they are because the interest rates would be ridiculous.

Please take the steps to repair your credit as suggested in the article above, your credit rating is extremely important to look after and it will save you a lot of money throughout your life in interest fees and make your banking easy.


Application from: Em

City: Lancaster
State: Missouri
Credit Rating (FICO): 414
Profession: bank teller
Amount Requested: $26000
Age: 47
Current Debt: 38,000
Yearly Income: 55,000
Zip Code: 63548


Sister wants me to get a fast loan since I screwed up and I got in trouble with bad people. I got bills to pay and I'm some months behind. please give aid me to get a fast loan for $26000. aint found any lenders who'll assist in Lancaster, Missouri.

Reply to: Em

Application from: Rafael

City: Purcellville
State: Virginia
Credit Rating (FICO): 354
Profession: petroleum technician
Amount Requested: $32000
Age: 19
Current Debt: 22,000
Yearly Income: 8,000
Zip Code: 22132


I live in Purcellville Virginia and am on sick leave from work. I want cash to buy a truck My credit isn't good : I think it is 497. I want anywhere from $6,000.00 as soon as possible. I have tried many banks and get refused.

Reply to: Rafael

Application from: Ro-ro

City: Houston
State: Texas
Credit Rating (FICO): 838
Profession: railroad inspector
Amount Requested: $42000
Age: 39
Current Debt: 75,000
Yearly Income: 23,000
Zip Code: 77234


We are from Houston Texas and require an medical procedure not covered by my insurance company. I am trained in the field of railroad inspector and attended Orange Park International School of Beauty. My current income is $79,000.00 per year and need a unsecured loan in the amount of $87,000.00. I need the loan for 50 months. please provide information on loans with an APR lower than 7%.

Reply to: Ro-ro

Application from: Jacob*

City: Glennville
State: Ga
Credit Rating (FICO): 483
Profession: Maintenance
Amount Requested: $5000
Age: 28
Current Debt:
Yearly Income: 48000
Zip Code: 30427

Message:We sent you a few choices but your best bet is working on your credit score. We have some great info on our site on how to improve your credit score.

Reply to: Jacob*

Application from: Larissa O*

City: Silverhill
State: Al
Credit Rating (FICO): 465
Profession: Laborer
Amount Requested: $3000
Age: 26
Current Debt: 1500
Yearly Income: 25000
Zip Code: 36576

Message:Hi Larissa, With your credit score at 465, the only option that we can recommend for the amount you require is They offer loans from $500.00 to $5,000.00 If you have assets to use as collateral, we would suggest a secured loan through your local Credit Union. If will cost you less in interest if you can qualify. Disclaimer: America Loan Service is not a lender. America Loan Service has no influence on the lenders decisions and the financial relationship will be between you and the institution providing the loan. Wishing you success in finding what you are looking for. Cheers, Gerald Proctor America loan Service Mountain View, California 94040

Reply to: Larissa O*

Application from: Natasha*

City: San antonio
State: Texas
Credit Rating (FICO): 465
Profession: Profession not given
Amount Requested: $5000
Age: Age not given
Current Debt:
Yearly Income: Income Not Specified
Zip Code: 78230

Message:Hi Natasha, Here are a few options for you. With your credit rating at 465, you have limited options. The option that we can recommend for the amount you require and is They offer loans from $500.00 to $5,000.00 and the interest rate will be expensive. The approval rating that we have seen so far is very low. offers loans from $1,000 - $35,000.00 with interests rates starting at 5.99% to 35.99% Minimum credit score of 580 We can also recommend one company that offers debt settlement services called national debt relief if you have debt to clear up over $10,000.00 If you have security, we would recommend a local credit union and get a secured loan. This would be your best option. America Loan Service is not a lender, we recommend lenders and financial services. Good luck, Gerald Proctor America loan Service Mountain View, California 94040

Reply to: Natasha*

Application from: Domeeka

City: Phila
State: PA
Credit Rating (FICO): 514
Profession: School Bus Driver
Amount Requested: $15000
Age: 48
Current Debt:
Yearly Income: 28000
Zip Code: 19133


I am in need of a personal loan of 15,000 to help with an emergency medical situation.

Reply to: Domeeka

Application from: Rhoda

State: Tennessee
Credit Rating (FICO):
Profession: Disability
Amount Requested: $15000
Age: 42
Current Debt:
Yearly Income: 9000
Zip Code: 37876


I will be paying off bills and getting my car fixed and if i have any left taking my kids on a vacation

Reply to: Rhoda

Application from: Richard

City: Miami
State: Florida
Credit Rating (FICO): 615
Profession: Profession not given
Amount Requested: $21000
Age: Age not given
Current Debt: 28000
Yearly Income: 70000
Zip Code: 33133


Looking to debt consolation loan

Reply to: Richard

Application from: Troy

State: Georgia
Credit Rating (FICO): 520
Profession: Unloader
Amount Requested: $3500
Age: 39
Current Debt: 0
Yearly Income: 25000
Zip Code: 30135



Reply to: Troy

Application from: Cendri

City: Brooklyn
State: New York
Credit Rating (FICO): 486
Profession: Train Operator
Amount Requested: $3000.00
Age: 52
Current Debt: 6000
Yearly Income: 85000
Zip Code: 11238


I am looking for a loan for some expenses. Had some hard times lately with my son. Working at the same job for 29 years. Need loan and can pay back in 6 to 12 months.

Reply to: Cendri


March 31st, 2019

Hi Cendri-

Sorry to hear about the financial difficulty you are experiencing.  Due to the stringent lending laws around poor credit in the State of New York, we do not have any lenders that could possibly help you.  I would suggest you visit a local Credit Union as their guidelines can be a bit more flexible. 

On another note, I would recommend that you join Novita - a free online program to help you rebuild your credit so that you will qualify for private personal loans in the future. (


Application from: Gregory

City: Kenosha
State: WI
Credit Rating (FICO): 480
Profession: Third-Shift Baker
Amount Requested: $16500.00
Age: 32
Current Debt:
Yearly Income: 24000.00
Zip Code: 53143


I'm not sure if I'll get approved, but the money is desperately needed! My mobile homes roof had collapsed in this last winter. I'll do whatever I must to meet the repayment terms! Auto-withdrawing from my account would be a great way to ensure payments and I will be happy to sign off on that!

Reply to: Gregory


April 22nd, 2019

Hi Gregory -

Unfortunately, it is difficult to get a $15,000 loan with bad credit, unless you have equity in your home.  Regardless of your score, if you have collections and missed payments lenders consider you a credit risk.  

If you could find a co-signer whose income and credit score are good to excellent, it would help your chances.

Best of luck.



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