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Sherlene Gets A No Collateral Loan Of $58000 With A Good Transunion Credit Score

Looking for a no collateral loan is now easier than ever with so many options to choose from. If you have bad credit, fair credit or good credit, we have personal loan options for you. See below for loan option including business loans and secured loan options.

Looking for a no collateral loan is now easier than ever with so many options to choose from. If you have bad credit fair credit or good credit, we have options for you. 

Personal Loans

Unsecured Bad Credit Loans

A bad credit loan definition is referring to a credit score. When a credit score is below 580, this is typically referred to as bad credit. If your searching for a loan with a credit score below 580 without collateral, you are applying for an unsecured bad credit loan.

What you can expect when you apply for a bad credit loan: 

  • Loan amounts normally do not exceed $5,000
  • The term of a bad credit loan is much shorter with the longest around 36 months
  • Interest rates will be much higher with some starting over 35%

Co-Signing or Joint Signing

FreedomPlus specializes in co-signing with loans up to $40,000. If you are considering co-signing or asking someone to co-sign, we have provided information that explains the pros and cons of co-signing.

Asking your Family or Friends to Co-Sign

Once you’ve reviewed the bad credit loan offers, consider offering the same interest to your family members with some form of security.

Business Loan Refinancing

We have added a number of business loan providers that will look at a debt consolidation loan with credit scores starting at 500. Some conditions apply including the time in business and gross annual revenues.

Best Secured Bad Credit Loan Options

Most lenders are looking to lend money to people with security. The lenders want their money to be protected with your assets for collateral. If you do try to apply for a loan with bad credit, having security can go a long way. Security refers to the equity in your home, refinancing your vehicle or finding a co-signer The lender will place a lien against your asset to secure the loan. Even when you are using security, it can be difficult getting a secured loan. Lenders still check your payment history as they do not want to risk having to repossess your assets. If you are planning on using security to secure your loan, you are risking the possibility of losing your assets if you default on the loan payment.

Bad Credit Auto Financing

If you are searching for a bad credit auto loan up to $45,000, look no further. This auto loan provider specializes in auto loans for any credit score. Give them a try today. Auto loans -- Bad Credit? No Credit? No Problem!

Auto Loan & Auto Loan Refinance

Free Credit Score Repair

Novita offers a free service credit score rebuilding program to get you back on track. 

Research your Credit Score and Credit History

It's always a good idea to check your credit score and credit history before applying for a loan. Look through the report and check and see if you agree with everything on the report. If you disagree with the information on the report, contact the credit bureau and let them know that there is an error.

Lexington Law

Lexington Law helps consumers repair errors on their credit report. 

Unsecured Payday Loan Debt Consolidation: $500 to $5,000

Consolidating payday loans with 400% to 1500% interest rates will save you money. OppLoans offer an installment loan which provides equal payments over a set period of time to get rid of payday loans.

When Sharlene contacted us, she was looking for a no collateral loan with a credit score in the high 600's and was able to find what she was looking for. Here are a few no collateral loan options:

Sherlene tried to get a no collateral loan for $34,000.00 last month and was accepted

Principle of LoanLength of Term (Years)Interest Rate (APR)Monthly Installment PaymentLending Institution
$33700.00 5 9.8% $712.71 The Gerber State Bank
$34380.00 8 8.6% $496.57 The Belvidere National Bank and Trust Company
$34230.00 5 6.8% $674.57 Commerce Bank
$33520.00 3 7.7% $1045.76 Byron Bank
$33600.00 7 6.8% $503.84 Amalgamated Bank of Chicago

Sherlene has a no collateral loan from months ago of $38,000 from Farmers & Mechanics Bank from 5 months in the past

Starting Interest Rate (APR)Remaining principleLender nameLender cityLender StateLoan Obtained
9.1% APR $26630.72 outstanding The Gerber State Bank Argenta Illinois 12 months ago
5.8% APR $32364.29 outstanding The Belvidere National Bank and Trust Company Belvidere Illinois 9 months ago
6.7% APR $29782.12 outstanding Commerce Bank Bloomington Illinois 11 months ago
8.4% APR $35000.6 outstanding Byron Bank Byron Illinois 5 months ago

Sherlene had other choices including Commerce Bank, an option which may have been worth considering. This alternative loan had an interest rate of about 6.7% and Sherlene would still be required to pay $29782.12 to her lender

No collateral loan for $58000 in Illinois near 61338

Searching loans often alter borrowers credit scores. When approved, clients undergo changes to their credit. Sherlene underwent many variations to their credit over the course of the acceptance of this $58000 no collateral loan. Sherlene had a starting credit score of 660.

  • Sherlene possessed a value on the Fico scale of 660, which is looked upon by lenders as good credit
  • Sherlene possessed a score on the Transunion scale of 642, which is looked upon by lenders as good credit
  • Sherlene possessed a credit score on the Experian rating system of 674, which is looked upon by lenders as good credit

Sherlene got this no collateral loan from The First National Bank of Manlius, an institution from Illinois

  • The First National Bank of Manlius
  • Street Address: 109 West Maple Street
  • Branch city: Manlius
  • Branch state: Illinois
  • Branch zip code: 61338
  • Branch County: Bureau
  • Our records indicate that this lender is currently inactive
  • Total assets: $56,293,000
  • Lender's deposits: $43,182,000
  • Total number of offices: 3

Sherlene has a Fico score of 660. This is a good credit rating

Fico Score: 660

Sherlene has a Transunion score of 642. This is a good credit score. Credit ratings like that of Sherlene impact lender's opinion

Transunion Score: 642

Sherlene had an Experian rating of 674, considered to be a good credit rating. These good credit scores will significantly impact results.

Experian Score: 674

Sherlene had a decrease in their credit as an indirect effect of this no collateral loan

If Sherlene had failed to procure this no collateral loan of $58000, their credit score would have improved to 731. Instead, it decreased to 619. Pay attention about which loans choices you pick, as it may severely change your financial options.

Standard Lender profile of The First National Bank of Manlius of Manlius

The First National Bank of Manlius we believe to be a loan provider which can be found in Manlius, Illinois. This lender has give or take 3 offices as far as we know, which is a small number of offices. Traditionally, lenders with many locations like The First National Bank of Manlius will lend to better credit people preferentially compared to other, more average lenders. This is partly a result of the fact that they cannot afford to take risks with their capital. Average banks have total asset ranges of approximately $883 million while The First National Bank of Manlius has $56,293,000 total assets, making them a reasonable choice for individuals who have excellent credit ratings.
Our records indicate that as of this writing, The First National Bank of Manlius is inactive; this means that you currently cannot obtain financing from this bank. While we cannot be certain, our records are currently up to date with the FDIC's (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation). Inactive lenders such as The First National Bank of Manlius may or may not still be providing financing at present.

Sharlenes comments after visiting The First National Bank of Manlius:

They were thrilled to provide me a loan. The interest rate of 7.3% was set based primarily on Fico credit rating and some equity I have in my home. They did not make me use the equity. They agreed to provide a loan amount of $58000. 

Sherlene, a person from Manlius, originally asked regarding a loan of $58000. They needed a no collateral loan.

Greetings I am Sherlene connecting from Manlius, Illinois. I want a loan of approximately $58000, ideally with an APR of 5%. If not, I may be able to pay up to 9% APR if I stretch it. I'm looking for a no collateral loan but will use security if I have too. 

Client Information: Sherlene
  • Client name: Sherlene 
  • County: Bureau
  • Home State: Illinois
  • Current zip code: 61342
  • Current income: undisclosed
  • Profession: Engineering technician
  • Credit Card Debt: $1000 on their The Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce, Inc. Visa® Platinum Rewards Card

Debt consolidation for an engineering technician named Sherlene in Illinois for $58000

My name is Sherlene and I live in Manlius, Illinois. We started a business with $7,000.00 each with 3 people putting money in. It was really not going as planned from when we first started, so everyone kicked in another $9,000.00 per person. I did not have any more cash, so I took cash advances on my credit cards and the business is still not producing and the credit card company is hunting me down. I am so upside down and do not know what to do. The debt consolidations specialists mentioned on this site helped them with all of their debt questions and concerns.

Sherlene received a student loan at Uptown National Bank of Chicago and a Mastercard at Farmers & Mechanics Bank and a second personal loan from Citizens State Bank of Milford. 

While the situations highlighted are accurate, the names and some cities have been changed for privacy. We would value your thoughts regarding our work. Please do not give this website your last name and try to keep the information in your private information quite general. It is the overall topic that people relate with and we appreciate your comments. When you send your story, it will be reviewed within 24 hours and you will be notified if they are published.

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Application from: Connie

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Credit Rating (FICO): 521
Profession: Profession not given
Amount Requested: $20000.00
Age: Age not given
Current Debt: 72000
Yearly Income: 40000
Zip Code: 43793


Hi Connie, We have received all of your requests for a loan to help with your financial emergency. ALS is connected to many lenders and we forwarded on your request to the lender that we feel was best suited to your debt requirement with a Fico score of 521. We are hopeful that your loan requirements have been fulfilled.

Reply to: Connie

Application from: Kea

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Car repair near Bald Knob - Arkansas

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Application from: Punam

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Credit Rating (FICO): 433
Profession: hotel convention/events coordinator
Amount Requested: $188000
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Current Debt: 41,000
Yearly Income: 81,000
Zip Code: 41143


credit score is okay. looking for a loan to get a car thanks for information

Reply to: Punam

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