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Who Wants A Personal Loan For $140000 With 5.47% Apr?

A teacher by trade, Kyriaki went to Emporia State University for 4 years and is now searching for a $140000 personal loan to purchase a condo and pay off credit card debt.

Kyriaki is from Shreveport, Louisiana and owes over $33,000 on his AAA Cash Rewards MasterCard and CoreFirst Bank & Trust Gold Classic Card. Kyriaki's main credit card is Stanford Federal Credit Union Student Visa Rewards Card, and they've got $23,000 on it as of February 15, 2010. The only practical way that Kyriaki can repay his Stanford Federal Credit Union Student Visa Rewards Card is with a debt consolidation loan.

Debt Consolidation loan Providers

Kyriaki attempted to procure a personal loan for $20,000.00 ten years ago and was accepted

Principle of LoanLength of Term (Years)Interest Rate (APR)Monthly Installment PaymentLending Institution
$19770.00 6 10.2% $368.25 The First National Bank of Jeanerette
$20460.00 6 7.1% $349.81 Bank of Gonzales
$19560.00 3 10.7% $637.59 Bank of Grand Cane
$20250.00 10 8.4% $249.99 Landmark Bank
$19650.00 8 11.6% $315.07 Bank of Zachary
$20490.00 7 8.1% $320.38 Bank of Greensburg
$20280.00 6 7.2% $347.7 City National Bank of Baton Rouge

Kyriaki has a personal loan from previously of $27,000 lent by The First National Bank of Abbeville from 60 months in the past

Starting Interest Rate (APR)Remaining principleLender nameLender cityLender StateLoan Obtained
8.7% APR $12467.89 outstanding Bank of Zachary Zachary Louisiana 57 months ago
10.4% APR $18403.78 outstanding Landmark Bank Clinton Louisiana 57 months ago
5.0% APR $18738.23 outstanding Bank of Gonzales Gonzales Louisiana 59 months ago

A personal loan from Louisiana Bank & Trust Company in Shreveport -- 71166, Louisiana

Searching for financing can change credit scores. Once accepted, individuals experience changes to their credit. Kyriaki experienced diverse changes to their credit during the acceptance of this $140000 personal loan. Kyriaki had an initial credit score of 627.

  • On the Fico system, Kyriaki had a 627 credit rating, a fair credit rating
  • Kyriaki possessed a credit score on the Transunion rating system of 612, which is considered fair credit
  • When it comes to Experian, Kyriaki had an initial rating of 643, thus Kyriaki has a fair credit score

Information on the lending institution called Louisiana Bank & Trust Company from Shreveport, Louisiana 

  • Louisiana Bank & Trust Company
  • Street Address: 333 Travis Street
  • Branch city: Shreveport
  • Branch state: Louisiana
  • Branch zip code: 71166
  • Branch County: Caddo

Kyriaki had a Fico score of 627, considered to be a fair credit rating

Fico Score: 627

Kyriaki has a Transunion score of 612. This is a fair credit rating. Credit scores like that of Kyriaki affect lender's decisions

Transunion Score: 612

On the Experian scale, Kyriaki has a fair credit rating of 643, that may have impacted their loan interest

Experian Score: 643

Kyriaki had a decrease in their credit as a non-obvious result of this personal loan

Applying for capital multiple times within a short amount of time will reduce an individual's credit rating. In the case of Kyriaki, Fico decreased from 627 to 595.

Kyriaki comments from Louisiana Bank & Trust Company at 333 Travis Street: I was unable to get a loan from the bank. I will continue to work on my credit score and make my payments on time to improve my credit. The bank was fine to work with, but I was unsuccessful.
Initial Inquiry From Kyriaki For This Personal Loan

I need a personal loan for $140000. I'm trying to pay off my credit cards and get a down payment for a condo.  Let me know if there are any personal loan companies that I can apply.

Borrower Data: Kyriaki
  • Client name: Kyriaki 
  • County: Caddo
  • Home State: Louisiana
  • Current zip code: 71173
  • Current income: Undisclosed
  • Profession: Teacher
  • Credit Card Debt: A lot

Kyriaki Is Searching For A 6 Year Signature Loan In Shreveport, Louisiana.

Are you looking to pay off credit cards or consolidate some debt? Acquiring an unsecured loan may be the right thing for you a good choice.

Debt Consolidation 

Kyriaki from Shreveport, Louisiana has a good Equifax score. Kyriaki owes $55,000.00 in credit card debt and needs a personal loan. Kyriaki had missed 3 months interest payments and her credit score was. Kyriaki filled out the application form on this page and Novita was able to help Kyriaki start improving her credit score. 

Living With Too Much Credit Card Debt Interest In Shreveport, Louisiana

Kyriaki is working in Shreveport, Louisiana as a teacher and struggling. Kyriaki went to Emporia State University from 2000 to 2005 and was thinking that I am the living the American Dream. She is now trying to purchase a condo and needs help with the down payment.

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Past Applications

Application from: Jayleen

City: Kingfisher
State: Oklahoma
Credit Rating (FICO): 679
Profession: systems analyst
Amount Requested: $4000
Age: 28
Current Debt: 80,000
Yearly Income: 70,000
Zip Code: 73750


i'm from Kingfisher Oklahoma and considering a loan to consolidate my debt.with my credit rating at 565 and I want $10,000.00 to pay out the credit cards. i have not been able to find anyone to help me. who should I go to for bad credit debt consolidation?

Reply to: Jayleen

Application from: Atish

City: Durango
State: Colorado
Credit Rating (FICO): 407
Profession: agricultural equipment operator
Amount Requested: $64000
Age: 31
Current Debt: 89,000
Yearly Income: 82,000
Zip Code: 81302


My credit history is so bad and I cannot get a loan anywhere. I owe $22,000.00. i would like to find someone to help me and deal with the credit card companies calling all the time. I live in Durango, Colorado and work at agricultural equipment operator if that makes any difference. I went through a treatment program for addictions and I don't know what to do?

Reply to: Atish

Application from: The

City: Schaumburg
State: Illinois
Credit Rating (FICO): 669
Profession: executive secretary
Amount Requested: $14000
Age: 44
Current Debt: 81,000
Yearly Income: 87,000
Zip Code: 60173


hello hope you can help me. we made some mistakes in how we spend we got 3 credit cards and used to the full amount the credit cards allowed us. we used all cards to get things for our house. all we are able to pay the minimum and are getting behind. I would like to consolidate into one card. our credit is ok: 597. I are looking for around $31,000.00

Reply to: The

Application from: Sachelle

City: Chicago
State: Illinois
Credit Rating (FICO): 825
Profession: manual arts therapist
Amount Requested: $48000
Age: 56
Current Debt: 92,000
Yearly Income: 89,000
Zip Code: 60623


i have not been following good financial practices and I have to repair the damage I have caused. i need to consolidate all of my expenses that I am making right now into one payment that will allow me to take care of my financial responsibilities and allow me to start saving money for my future. I would greatly appreciate help to turn my financial future around while still being accountable for the funds that i have received. Thank you,

Reply to: Sachelle

Application from: Ambika

City: Tallahassee
State: Florida
Credit Rating (FICO): 523
Profession: overhead door installer
Amount Requested: $128000
Age: 44
Current Debt: 42,000
Yearly Income: 25,000
Zip Code: 32301


Our family consolidated our personal loans a couple of years ago. It is the wisest thing we could have done for our finances. it felt like all we did repay loans and we constantly missed one. We were getting further behind. we reached out for a debt consolidation loan. the pressure is off. we no longer have high balances and high interest rates. we hardly fight over money anymore.

Reply to: Ambika

Application from: Martin*

City: Spring Hope
State: N.C.
Credit Rating (FICO): 780
Profession: Profession not given
Amount Requested: $140000
Age: Age not given
Current Debt: 18800
Yearly Income: Income Not Specified
Zip Code: 27882

Message:Desperately need $140,000 loan Hi Martin, We emailed you to find out more information on what you need this loan for.

Reply to: Martin*

Application from: Bill

State: Arizona
Credit Rating (FICO): 491
Profession: Disabled veteran
Amount Requested: $100000
Age: 37
Current Debt: 45000
Yearly Income: 51000
Zip Code: 85388


My son is having a serious surgery, and medical insurance denied to pay.

Reply to: Bill

Application from: Chris

City: Midway
State: Georgia
Credit Rating (FICO): 530
Profession: Superintendent for Fencing company
Amount Requested: $150000
Age: 42
Current Debt: Credit card, car accident
Yearly Income: 65000
Zip Code: 31320


Need loan to pay of the small amount of debt we owe (1200) then the rest to buy my wife’s childhood home. The house has been in the family for 80 plus years and she doesn’t want to see anyone else tear it down, we have never purchased a home and I think this is why. I would love to be able to do this for my wife. But with my credit it looks impossible.

Reply to: Chris

Application from: Whitney Gilbert

City: Payson
State: AZ
Credit Rating (FICO): 586
Profession: Profession not given
Amount Requested: $140000
Age: 34
Current Debt: 3500
Yearly Income: 130000
Zip Code: 85541


Looking to buy a house, income is very high between us but credit is bad. Working on credit but not fast enough to get us into our forever home so we can continue to work on our credit scores.

Reply to: Whitney Gilbert

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