Novita is a totally new personal finance app designed for people with bad credit, or experiencing financial hardships.

These are people who need help, not another bill, so Novita is totally free. In this post we'll explain how it works, how it can help you, and some of the drawbacks.

Loan Amounts Novita isn't a lender, they help you manage your finances.
Required Credit Score Any Credit Score can Sign Up
APR Range N/A

Novita is a financial management app designed to help people with bad credit or high debts to improve their finances. The way we do that is a little different.

Most products designed for people with bad credit are expensive and harmful. Bad credit loans, expensive credit repair, payday loans - long term, they make things worse. Novita helps you save money, and fix your credit yourself, all for free.

Here's how it works:

  • Start by creating your Hero. Your hero will represent you as you complete tasks in Novita. As your financial capabilities grow stronger, so will your hero.

  • Link your bank accounts to sync your transactions into an automated budget. Categorize your transactions, and get notified when money is spent. You can see where every dollar went from all of your accounts, in one place.

  • Fix your credit with guided credit repair disputes. Fixing your credit isn't actually that hard, you just need a little bit of information and the right tools. Novita gives you guidance and credit templates, so you'll know what to send, how to send it, and how to respond. Normally credit repair is $70/month, so this is a big savings.

  • Complete quests to improve your real-world finances. You don’t need to study up on personal finance or learn to budget - quests show you what you need to do and how to do it. As you complete quests, you’ll earn experience points. These points represent real-world financial improvements. Experience points can be earned from paying your bills on time, setting up and maintaining a good budget, managing your transactions, and more.


Novita is very new. It was just formally released in early June, 2019. So the app is pretty simple, and they don't have an abundance of resources yet for new users.

They're also not lawyers, so if you need more complex credit repair steps, they won't be able to help you with those. Bankruptcy discharges, belligerent collection agencies, really complex credit repair - they won't be able to help you with that. They can only help with older inaccuracies, inquiries, late payments, medical debts, and discharged bankruptcies.